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   Zhineng Qigong Hun Yuan Ling Tong Xin Shian Shi Cheng
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About Daniela

Daniela Carraro is a qigong therapist, teacher and healer living and practicing in California. Zhineng Qigong found Dani in 2005,when she first met teacher Gu Mingtong, His heart-to-heart teachings enabled her to dive directly into years of intense training with him.

Soon after that, she embarked on an adventure of inner love and discovery that took her to India, China and Southeast Asia.

Soon after that, she embarked on an adventure of inner love and discovery that took her to India, China and Southeast Asia.

While travelling in India with AMMA, she received the transmission of endless compassion that are at the heart of the theory and practice of Zhineng Qigong. While travelling throughout China, this inner flame was further nourished and formed by the master teachers she encountered. Teachers Liu Jianshe, Zhou Ping, Zheng Ma, Liu Peng, and Yuan Tze have all given Dani their blessing to continue learning, teaching and sharing the unimaginable plenty that can be found through diligent practice.

Daniela approaches her healing work as a vehicle for grace and service and is connected to the Mother, also known as as Quan Yin.

Daniela’s teachers all received direct transmission from Grandmaster Dr. Ming Pang at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training and Recovery center in Hebei. Under the careful and strict tutelage of these master healers, Dani has embodied and is integrating a new energy level from which she has begun to heal and teach others. Her intense dedication and training come through every time as a clear and pure transmission of compassion and mercy.
Dani facilitates weekly classes, workshops and healing events throughout the Bay Area, San Diego and Italy.

"Practicing qigong with Daniela is a uniquely inspired experience. She fills the room with her beautiful waves of positive, infectious energy-encouraging wisdom, and strenghtening support. What's more she provides an incredibly potent healing to each person at the end taht you can feel on a visceral level. I would fervently recommend Daniela's gift to everyone." Jennifer A. SF/SD

"I absolutely love Dani's healing sessions. Her chanting and ability to move the qi result in taking me to a very deep, transformational place. Most of all, her beautiful heart has the effect of opening my heart. It is a true healing and blessing to be with Dani." Jill M. SF

"I have studied and practiced Qigong for over 4 years, with at least 4 different teachers. Dani's love and devotion to teaching and healing with Qigong is the most outstanding I have encountered. She not only lives and practice it herself, she is continually open to learning more from other teachers. Her joy, caring and passionate love for both Qigong, and her students shines forth. After a class with her, my energy significantly increases, I sleep better and remember my dreams! The way she conducts her practice is especially beneficial for awakening kidneys, adrenals, brain and digestive functions. When she does healing you can feel the warm energy surrounding you." Carol B. SD

"Daniela brings great love dedication and knowledge to the qi field whether it is in a group, personal healing session or just casual practice together. Her love and dedication transmits itself so thoroughly and with such grace that there is no doubt of her connection to the vast universal qi field. I am sure that all aspects of her teaching and healing will greatly enrich who ever has the good fortune to participate in them." Elaine L. SF





During my training in China

Dani on the Ganga

        Dani in Hainan-China