Zhineng Qigong Hun Yuan Ling Tong Xin Shian Shi Chen
Zhineng Qigong in Action
   Zhineng Qigong Hun Yuan Ling Tong Xin Shian Shi Cheng
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Zhineng Qigong
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Healing Modalities

Qigong Healing is an organic, natural methodology derived from thoudands of years of ancestral experience. We work directly with the energy in your being at the mental, physical and emotional levels. Experience fully for yourself the fulfillment of knowing yourself as an energy presence.

We use the Qi Field method that helps you contact, cultivate and integrate the energy of the universe - Life Energy - within you. This is a creative, relaxing and joyful process that will invite you to open and expand. We also prescribe qigong healing methods for you depending on your condition.

Somatic Experiencing™ is not psychotherapy or psychiatry, it is a naturalistic healing process developed by neuro-physiologist Peter Levine.

When we are challenged by a situation such as an accident or attack, our bodies are designed to protect themselves. If our defensive responses are repeatedly thwarted, we begin to carry that energy within us as traumatic accumulated stress.